Main Principle: Synchronicity and Theory of Ether

Carl Gustav Jung, who, by analysing the reports of his patients, based on his own experiences and the study of Chinese philosophy, developed a theory of coincidences called synchronicity. It is a meaningful connection between seemingly unrelated phenomena. What people call coincidence, Jung understands as a non-pattern connection or simultaneity of a particular mental state with one or more external events that appear as meaningful parallels. Jung developed his thesis on the basis of Rhieon’s experiments, which were conducted at a reasonable scientific level and against which there were as yet no critical arguments.

By the theory of connection and interconnection of even the most illogical phenomena, he affirms that everything in the world has its purpose. Another genius of recent history, Nikola Tesla, wrote about this. He discovered the secret of empty space and called it ether, which is actually full of energy. Even more modern scientists of the last three years have found that the universe is a functioning sea of energy, a vast quantum field, and that everything is connected by some kind of invisible network. The human mind also works according to quantum processes. Thoughts, feelings, and all other higher cognitive functions are connected to quantum information pulsing simultaneously through our bodies. Our consciousness is the result of the interaction between the subatomic particles of our brain and the sea of quantum energy. Unlike Albert Einstein, who argued that the world is random and relative and who did not recognize the ether as a real entity, Tesla said that the ether is random and determined.

Everything that exists is interconnected at whatever level and in whatever quantum reality it manifests. So everything is part of the same consciousness, everything – from unimaginable pure consciousness to photons, particles of an electromagnetic field with zero mass, atoms, molecules, cells and solid matter. The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and the Anomaly Research Laboratory at Princeton University (PEAR) are at the forefront of parapsychological research.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Nikola Tesla

Methods behind ZQ Navigator features

The Earth’s orbit around the sun and how it intersects with the motion of other planets, such as the moon, starts, asteroids, and meteors, generates the energy (Qi) on any given day.
As the celestial bodies interact, they create energies and gravitational forces that affect the flow of the universe. ZeRi is the study of how these forces affect natural and man-made phenomena on Earth. We use ZeRi to know when Qi is with us and when is moving against us so that we can influence the outcome of our choices.

BaZi is the ancient Chinese astrology for destiny analysis. The 8 signs, BaZi or the 4 pillars of destiny are interchangeable terms.
BaZi consists of the hour, day, month and year of birth. Each pillar contains two words, hence the 8 characters. Each BaZi chart has its own variation of Yin and Yang and the 5 Energy Phases. The expression and interaction of there elements contains the fate code of our lives. It reveals the capacity, potential and talent of the individual and the likely timing of major life events. It identifies career changes, marriage potentials and challenges, health problems, fluctuations in wealth … and what you can do in each case to improve your situation.

The Reticular Activating System is the attention centre in the brain. It is the key to “turning on your brain”. You can consciously program the reticular activating system by choosing the exact messages you send from your conscious mind. For example, you can set goals, or say affirmations, or visualize your goals. The RAS influences cognition and is basically a filter for the eight million or so bits of information that flow (unconsciously) through our brains. In other words, it eliminates white noise. When a message passes through the RAS filter, it enters the cerebrum and is then converted into conscious thoughts, emotions, or even both.

Navigator Features Described Through Methods

ZeRi and BaZi

The scientist, Prof. Dr. Vili Podgorelec, discovered a digital method for calculating these combinations. Once the system calculates the balance of the energies of the day (ZeRi)
and the individual (BaZi), we determine the optimal timeline for performing the planned action. With this calculation, we increase the effectiveness of our actions. This calculation is based on the positive energy level of the universal time, which is influenced by one of the 96 parameters (ZeRi), and the energy level of each individual according to his personal profile (BaZi).

Calculations are made for 32 categories. The system uses 12.9 million different time combinations and is based on 96 parameters for optimal balance of energy that represents the energy level of a person on a particular day. We can see the great complexity of the system in the data of 5.8 million trillion combinations (5.8 × 10 27 ) for determining the ideal time for an individual. Navigator is the world’s first system that combines the calculations of persons and time energy levels and calculates the ideal timing for a person in real time.


A profile reveals who we really are, what makes us tick, what our most fundamental personal characteristics are, how we operate in the world, and which people can be kind and helpful to us. So the focus is on ourselves and the success profile represents the beginning of our new journey.
Once we understand the landscape of our life journey, we can navigate through the unfolding of events that unfold before us. We can learn to take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the obstacles we face.

BaZi and ZeRi

Because we all know that the most important things in life are people around us and our relationship with them, the company has developed systems to help us find, identify and
analyse the most important people in our lives, both on personal level, i.e. family and love, and in business relationships when building a work team.

The system calculates the likely timing of major life events, compares both persons BaZi chart calculations of both individuals, and categorises these results into 4 main categories:

  • Business,
  • Health,
  • Relationship and
  • Personal and 30 sub-categories such as Ideas, Creativity, Income, Passion, Career, etc.

We only measure the strength of influence and not the quality of influence on another person. The information given in the report represents your naturally innate qualities in relation to others, which express only 33% of your total potential. The next 33% lies in your activity and skill set, while the last 33% depends on the environment in which your actions take place. ZeRi is used only for calculations on indicative timings for persons and if indicative categories match, we provide special notice – recommendation to a user.

RAS, BaZi and ZeRi

The Build Your Team feature enables you to properly select, analyse and position important people in your life: relation you – others in specific areas of life. ZeRi is used only for calculations on indicative timings for persons and if indicative categories match, we provide special notice – recommendation to a user.

RAS, BaZi and ZeRi

Manage Your Team goes beyond proper selection, analyse and positioning of important people in your life and gives you and your close ones a decisive edge in human resources management of all others – others relations in specific areas of life. Complexity of these interactions is second to none, so this feature’s user interfaces are pre-made blueprints ready to be accustomed and managed by you. ZeRi is used only for calculations on indicative timings for persons and if indicative categories match, we provide special notice – recommendation to a user.


Special wizards are modelled after the best known practices from the science of neuropsychology to guide you through the process of planning and ensure that your planning is as accurate as possible.
We distinguish between goals and objectives because they are very different in their importance to a person’s life. A goal needs to be determined and visualized as clearly as possible, exists in our lives as a permanent guide and is not meant to be achieved. While objectives represent milestones of sorts on the way to our ultimate goal and can be far less clear in our planning and visualization, but they are meant to be achieved.


These are very negative energy supported days. It is important not to start any important activities on these days. We send out notifications or warnings in advance for such days.


We give you general information about the qualities of the day, including the qualities of the hours of the day, and we calculate your personal information about the strength of the most important tendencies of the day for you in 5 categories:

  • Authority/Career,
  • Support/Health,
  • Relationships,
  • Wealth,
  • Talent/Output.