Take Over the Controls to Every Aspect of Your Life ZeeQuest is an all-in-one platform for personal development, business success and well-being.


Using predictive analytics, fundamental laws of nature and cutting-edge technology, ZeeQuest developed unique and powerful tools to help each individual hack the 4 Life Fundamentals: Time, Health, Social Relations and Finance.

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ZQ Navigator

Meet ZQ Navigator, Your Personalized Map to Success

World's first predictive analytics software for greater self-perception, life-planning, building teams and boosting execution.

  • Grow Faster Improve your self-perception and boost your personal growth.
  • Plan for Success Make time work for you. Fully map out your objectives and find the perfect timing for all 32 life activities.
  • Save Time and Energy Identify your most beneficial relationships to maximize your time and energy efficiency.
ZQ Nutrition

Get Your Health in Shape with ZQ Nutrition Line

All-natural nutrition line for general health, life energy and mental power.

  • Feed the Roots of Your Overall Health acquire essentials for triggering your self-healing mechanisms.
  • Energize your cells boost your cellular energy with increased bioavailability and synergetic effects of nutrients.
  • Unlock Your Mental Power lower your stress levels, improve your deep sleep and clean your hormonal toxemia.

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