What Is ZQ Navigator

ZQ Navigator gives you the ultimate set of tools to help you plan and efficiently realize your quest for personal success. It creates unique maps of your goals, give you profiling capabilities to build your teams, enables you to manage them and much more.

We made sure using ZQ Navigator is fun and easy. Our wizards not only ensure you are properly guided through all the features, but also create blueprints for automated supporting activities. Even more importantly, they suggest perfect timing for all your important projects. So you too can boost outcome the same way the world leaders and Fortune 500 companies do.

Planning your Success Days

To reach prosperity in every aspect of our lives it’s imperative that we plan things properly. We prepared a special wizard modelled according to the best known practices from science of neuropsychology to guide you through this process and make sure your planning is as accurate as it gets.
Your Success Day is a special point in time when your personal energetic blueprint coincides with the perfect time for a specific activity. The strength of each personal success day is categorised in 5 different grades.

Mapping Out Your Goals & Objectives

We distinguish goals and objectives due to very important differences in their meaning for a person’s life. A goal must be determined and visualised as clear as possible and exists in our lives as a permanent guidance for direction. Objectives represent a kind of milestones towards our final goal and can be way less clear in our planning and visualization, but they are meant to be accomplished.

ZQ Navigator’s wizard is made to guide you through planning your objectives. It creates a detailed personal blueprint with supporting systems and processes, so you can easily maximise your performance. The interactive blueprint offers you great possibilities to boost your delivery in real-time, while its smart system for recommendations will support you in seizing as much as possible from yourself and our products. 

Compare Compatibility Between the People You Know

The most important thing in our lives are people that surround us. We developed a system, where you get key insights, recommendations and verified methods for  systematizing and analyzing relationships. Special reports with 3 different in-depth analyses have been developed to comply with your level of perception, interests and planned actions. 

Build and Manage Dream Teams

The relationships we maintain determine our potential in life as they can open or shut down a wide range of opportunities, so it’s paramount to be able to build and manage our personal and professional connections properly.

ZQ Navigator provides you with methods, insights and recommendations to do that smoothly and efficiently. The Build Your Team feature enables you to properly select, analyze and position important people in your life: relation you – others in specific areas of life.

Manage Your Team goes even beyond that and gives you and your close ones a decisive edge in human resources management of all others – others relations in specific areas of life. Complexity of these interactions is second to none, so this feature’s user interfaces are pre-made blueprints ready to be accustomed and managed by you.

Personalized Reports

To provide you with the meaningful information in the most concise way, we developed a special personalized reports.


Your Success Profile

Success Profile reports is made to serve you as a starting point for your journey towards success and push you in and out of your comfort zone.

My Compatibility

My Compatibility report gives you the ability to discover the most critical elements regarding the people you select and get striking insights about how they “fit” you.

It takes 5.8 billion trillion data combinations to calculate the ideal timing of 32 specific activities in ones person's life.

Life-metric experts have always understood that people who win, those who succeed beyond their wildest imaginations, seek two key advantages – they must know themselves very well, and they must optimize their tendency for good luck. Masters of life-metric disciplines have always understood that both advantages can be determined with enough data in hand. 

We brought together a renowned life-metrics experts and a profound computer scientist to figure out how to make this kind of personal success system accessible and affordable to everyone. Working with a team of programmers, we have set out to create programmable ZQ Personal Success Profiles and a ZQ Navigator to calculate the probabilities of ideal timing for individuals

Achieving your dream goalsand reverse engineering maps 
that lead you there
Mapping out 
your objectivesand setting up fully automatic supporting campaigns
your results by using the best, personalised 
timing for 32 activities in your life
Knowing your numbers and boosting your ROI with masterful planning of your own business or joining ours.
Tracking your progress by continuously measuring your strengths and results.
Building dream teams in personal and professional life
Benefiting from deep insights about your leadership and earning style, to recommendations for your personal and professional growth
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