What is ZQ?

ZeeQuest is a direct sales company with B2B and B2C business models. It introduces a new direct sales model and fully integrated product into a performance marketing platform, designed for zero cost organic lead generation. New direct sales business model, we call it digital cooperative, is based on global profit sharing and provides options for significant value distribution and stability of the business.

Why we started ZQ?

Message from CEO

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have amazing people around me, such as Olympic champions and leaders from different industries, who have served as mentors. Throughout the different stages of my life – as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, corporate lawyer, investment advisor, family man and father of three – I always had this big dream. Seeing others take themselves to the next level every day and doing it myself, I always dreamed of a system that could help everyone achieve their own ambitions. I dreamed of creating a kind of ultimate self-driving machine that would help people plan and achieve their goals, both in their personal and professional lives

When I first wrote down all the important parameters that this project would cover over a decade ago, it was difficult to comprehend, let alone imagine, how to combine all these parameters into a single functioning system due to its scope and complexity. But as time went on and despite all my successes in the B2B space, including starting my own thriving business called Kraftpal, the urge to realize this dream never went away. It only grew. So over the years, I kept advising, bringing together experts from all the fields this project was supposed to cover, and finally, with the help of respected friends – scientists, athletes, financial and economic experts – we actually cracked it. After two years, a first operational beta version followed, and another year later we finally have a finished product. I am excited and proud to present the ZeeQuest Success System to you.

By combining the sciences of biochemistry, psychology and cosmology to influence our time, our (physical and mental) health, our social relationships and our financial management in a single system, ZeeQuest combines all aspects of personal well-being.

“When I followed my true entrepreneurial passion, the ZeeQuest project represented a different level than my involvement in disruptive technology companies, where I was initially involved through a law firm. 

In my opinion, there are three levels of involvement into disruptive technologies:

  • being involved in another company’s business,

  • finding a solution to a known problem and adapting it to disruptive technology standards,

  • developing a disruptive technology from scratch.

As a second level, I founded company KraftPal, solved a 30+ year old puzzle in the corrugated cardboard pallet industry, took the company from zero to market leading position, while building ZeeQuest on the concepts for the future, literally from scratch, and as an entrepreneur this represents the highlight of my career.

As a second level, I later founded company KraftPal, solved a 30+ year old puzzle in the corrugated industry, took the company from zero to several hundred million valuation (heavy industry, B2B space, super slow project, ongoing) while building ZeeQuest on the concepts for the future, literally from scratch, and as an entrepreneur this is the highlight of my career.

Gregor Brajovic, Founder and CEO

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to take back the direct sales industry by offering a new business concept, setting the highest standard of ethics, encouraging innovation, and recreating customer experience as we know it.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers and members with The Winning Advantage in four life fundamentals by granting everyone an opportunity to live a better life through innovative technology, global profit sharing, and an entrepreneurial business opportunity.


ZeeQuest® is a worldwide registered trademark.

Intellectual Property

Trademarks, copyrights, blueprints and know-how (Navigator, Aloxyl 7.4, nutritional formulations, C2H performance marketing platform (The Prospector), IT systems, social media tools, data room, direct selling software platform, ZQ Units and ZQT – ZeeQuest Token).

Our Values

Dare to Fail
Full Transparency
Driven by Results

Our History

ZeeQuest’s test phase began with a geographically isolated VitaLeaf branded nutrition product line that has generated more than $1.4 million in sales and over 4,000 users during test marketing in a small part of Europe without any spend on marketing, social media or promotion. 

It took us more than 12 years to develop and perfect Navigator, with more than 100k+  test registrations and users (free and paid), 8 years of trial and error with nutritional value formulations in live sales, 5 years of live testing of IT and performance marketing systems (we named it The Prospector), including systems for potential future integration of security token. Only when all the features of Navigator were perfected we developed a vision for a new product that will be developed before the plan of entering the public market for security tokens and/or the IPO (Initial Public Offering). It will be a product focused on social relationships and dating, with features that will completely change the way people filter through search or matching platforms. It will be launched in our B2C community and will be available for B2B business models.

ZeeQuest also developed a multi-model approach to direct sales with the aim of leveraging all proven revenue streams to maximize cash flow stability, mitigate the various risks arising  from changes in the market (such as the impact of social media, etc.) and maximize marketing results in key categories: Cost per Lead and Cost per Customer Acquired.

Leadership & Governance

Gregor Brajovic

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Tomaž Velečič

Chief Technology Officer

Tina Novak

Chief Finance Officer

Asker Sakinmaz

Chief Sales Officer

Mitja Breznik

Chief Business Development Officer

Maja Podjed

Chief Administrative Officer

Aleksandar Ilić

Head of Sales

Dr. Marius C. Mensah

Content Manager

Tine Pufič

Social Media Manager

Brendan Davis

Business Development Officer

Tristan Ruml

Business Development Officer

Drew Davis

Head of Operations is US

Bostjan Kline

Project Manager

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