Exciting Results from Pre-Registration For The New Generation of Navigator

We are delighted to share with you the incredible results of the pre-registration phase for our new generation of Navigators, which began at the end of March. The global response has been overwhelmingly positive and reflects the widespread enthusiasm for our state-of-the-art predictive analytics success system. To date, we have pre-registered users in 88 countries, underlining the universal appeal and potential impact of Navigator.


Global Reach and Engagement

The pre-registration campaign has successfully attracted a diverse and international audience.

Leading countries by number of members are Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Nigeria, India, Nepal and Italy. These countries have shown remarkable interest, with a large number of people wanting to learn about the benefits of Navigator for both personal and business purposes.

We are particularly pleased that members from unique and less frequently represented regions such as French Polynesia, Eswatini and Burundi have joined, emphasising the global appeal and accessibility of Navigator.


Continued Opportunity for Pre-Registration

The pre-registration period is still open and invites anyone who wants to explore the transformative possibilities of Navigator. This period offers a unique opportunity for early adopters to gain access to a tool that provides actionable insights for personal and professional development.

By pre-registering, you can secure your place among the first to experience the enhanced features and improved usability of the new Navigator. Whether you want to optimise your personal decisions or improve your business strategies, Navigator provides the insights you need to succeed.


Join the Global Community

We are delighted to welcome users from all over the world and look forward to the continued growth of our community. The diversity of our pre-registered members enriches the Navigator experience and fosters a vibrant, global exchange of ideas and success stories.

If you have not yet registered, we encourage you to take this opportunity to become part of a ground-breaking journey. Join the thousands of people in 88 countries who are ready to change their lives with Navigator.