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Da bi ustvarili pečat, začnite pri sebi
April 6, 2019
Vsi največji misleci v zgodovini človeštva delijo mnenje, da posameznikovo samozavedanje predstavlja ključ do splošnega napredka. Nemogoče je, da bi nekdo dosegel svoj polni potencial in pustil pozitiven pečat na tem svetu, ne da bi se zavedal svojih resničnih moči.
Umetna inteligenca za spodbujanje podjetnic po vsem svetu
Marec 28, 2019
Po poročanju revije Forbes 53 % podjetij uporablja analitiko množičnih podatkov (ang. Big Data Analytics) in kot vemo, ta velika podjetja ne zapravijo milijard dolarjev za nič.
More Women In Management Benefits Us All
Marec 25, 2019
It is not easy to be a woman on this crazy planet called Earth. Everyone expects you to fit in a role they created for you. Get good grades in school. Get a job. Get married. Raise children. Serve everyone around you but yourself. What everyone is missing is that you, women, are the most powerful creatures on this planet. You don't believe it? Here are some facts.
To Do Great Work You Need A Compass, Not A Map
Marec 21, 2019
Early in life we are all given maps to follow. Even if we didn’t know it back then and despite the fact, they were given to us with the best intentions. These maps lead us from elementary school to high school. From high-school to college. From college to the working world. We get these series of maps to lead us when climbing the corporate ladder, finding the love of our lives, and building that house in the suburbs.
Predictive Analytics: The Only Difference Between The Winner And The Loser
Marec 18, 2019
We were all born happy, smiley, satisfied, eager. Most probably you can’t remember it, but when you were a child some really small things made you feel satisfied, happy, smiley. You celebrated small wins as you would have stepped on the top of the world. You were born a winner, and your mind-process, even though still very simple, was of a winner.
Investicija vase ja najboljša možna investicija
Marec 17, 2019
Mnogi so mnenja, da vlagati vase ni smiselno ter se raje prepuščajo rutini in, dokler se le da, ostajajo v coni udobja. Rutina nam sicer daje določen občutek varnosti in balansira vsakodnevni stres, a če želimo resnično živeti in uspeti, moramo stremeti k napredku. Kakršnemu koli.
The One Skill You Need To Make It In Life!
Marec 14, 2019
Lost in their daily routines many people are not aware enough to discover activities and goals that would drive them to push beyond limits in their pursuit. We’re talking about a goal or a task so exciting and important that you want to jump out of bed in order to get going. If you’re one of those people, who have not yet found a goal like that, you’re not alone.
The Entrepreneur Lies In You!
Marec 11, 2019
Someone once said...maybe it was SOCRATES...We invent nothing. It lies within us until we discover it. There are so many things and hidden talents that lie deep within us but are yet to be discovered. Sometimes we discover them by accident...when trying a new sport or making art...but sometimes they can manifest only through deliberate soul searching and practice. The later type of talents, without a doubt, are the ones that can have the most profound impact on your life and can lead to mastery. But only if we put in the work required.
Do You Want To Save Your Relationship? Learn To Make Some Sacrifices!
Marec 7, 2019
We are not talking about voodoo rituals you saw on YouTube last night. We are not talking about quitting your job and make your world spin around him or her. We are talking about you trying to be a better you, peaceful, positive, focused, and joyful about surprises life has yet to bring to you.
5 Reasons Why You Are Still Looking For Love
Marec 4, 2019
Finding love is no easy task. Just think about the countless hours the humanity has spent searching and fighting for love. Think about all the songs written or the tears shed. One thing is clear, love is and will remain the most powerful driving force in the universe until the end of days. We need it to survive our most vulnerable years after we are born and we yearn for it to bring us bliss when we grow up.
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