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5 Reasons Why You Are Still Looking For Love

5 Reasons Why You Are Still Looking For Love

Finding love is no easy task. Just think about the countless hours the humanity has spent searching and fighting for love. Think about all the songs written or the tears shed. One thing is clear, love is and will remain the most powerful driving force in the universe until the end of days. We need it to survive our most vulnerable years after we are born and we yearn for it to bring us bliss when we grow up.

Love is a gift from one being to another being and when talking about romantic love from partner to partner. It can’t be forced or controlled. It is given away freely and cannot be demanded in any way. However, you can scale the odds in your favor by avoiding the key obstacles preventing you from finding it.

Eagerness & Determination

Our desire to finally find someone can work against us. We rush...too soon...too fast…we’re desperate and with too many expectations. Being in a state of mind of this kind will subconsciously lead our actions and words in a way that could overwhelm our potential partner and make him/her feel that we’re demanding more than he or she is willing to give away at that moment of time. Pushing potential love mate too much usually ends badly, but this does not mean you should be passive. Find a sweet spot in between.

Hesitation to Act 

How many times have we have let pass an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the alluring stranger while you preparing the perfect move in your head? Love is about risk-taking and you should take that move and be yourself. Who Dares, Wins...remember? It’s how it is with everything in life. Cowards never get much from it.

Lack of Positivism

We know, it’s not easy to always be smiley and easy going while you are fighting so battles on all fronts. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than you deserve, while you also have to be aware that the high(est) expectations about your ideal potential love mate will usually lure you into A SPIRAL OF DISAPPOINTMENTS and negativism. You would be surprised how many people would be interested to go for a relaxed drink with you only if you’d let them closer. Such events, with no strings attached and with no expectations, could end up great. But most importantly, such events are small wins for your self-esteem and will reinforce your positivism. Remember, when you’re positive, you’re attractive.


When everything is going well and people are in a normal relationship they sometimes start to DOUBT without any particular reason. Is he/she the RIGHT ONE? Has he/she really fallen in love with all of your scars? Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? Should you start looking for someone else? It’s one of the pitfalls you can fall into, especially when the infatuation stage of the relationship ends (from 8 months up to 2 years) and you start to discover your partner’s negative side. But rest assured we all have it. It is up for you to put on the scale the good and the bad and then decide whether you stay or move on, but always remember you can still find yourself in exactly the same situation with the next partner.

Not Knowing Yourself

The final reason why you haven’t been yet successful when searching for love you is NOT KNOWING YOURSELF. How can you find your perfect match, when you don’t know WHAT EXACTLY IS A PERFECT MATCH FOR YOU? How can you be relaxed and easy when searching for love after so many UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS? How can you be positive, if you don’t know that you are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE? How can you stop doubting your partner, if you are UNCERTAIN?

A little Help From Our Side

If you agree with the reasons listed above or have to trust us in this, you have nothing to lose and you have to make a change. You absolutely have to LOOK DEEP IN YOURSELF and analyze your personality and your traits. This is your foundation which you can use to redefine yourself, your wants, and your approach to finding love and developing a meaningful relationship later.

We have developed a tool you can use to learn about your PERSONALITY, TALENTS, and STRENGTHS. We’ve named it NAVIGATOR because it maps your inner geography and paves the way that leads you to...YOU. You can also use to learn about others (your potential love mate perhaps?).

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