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How Navigator works and what is the science behind it

Why Do You Need The ZeeQuest Navigator?
The Science Behind ZeeQuest Navigator
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Navigator features

In summary, ZeeQuest Navigator provide you with your ultimate set of tools to help you plan and efficiently execute on your quest for success. It creates beautiful maps of your planning, gives you profiling capabilities to build your team and even support you to manage it.

Wizards make sure you're properly guided and create blueprints for automated supporting activities. And what is the most exciting, it gives you the perfect timing for the most important tasks in your life so you can boost your outcome the way the world leaders and Fortune 500 companies do.

Plan your success day

It's imperative in our lives that we plan things properly and over the time, this becomes a routine. We form a special ritual which determines our outcome of every situation. At ZeeQuest, we prepared special wizard to guide you through this process and make sure your planning is as accurate as it gets. It is modeled according to the best known practices from science of neuropsychology the way that your clearity (power) will be as strong as possible.

Your Success Day is a special point in time when your personal energetic blueprint is supported by the time for specific activity. The strength of each personal success day is categorised in 5 (five) different grades.

Plan your objective/goal

We distinguish a goal and an objective due to very important differences in meaning for persons life. A Goal must be determined, clear as possible and exists in our lives as a guidance for direction, so therefore it should never be accomplished.

An objective can be way less clear in our planning, visualisation...but it's meant to be accomplished. Objectives represent some kind of milestones towards our final goal. ZQ wizards are made to guide you for planning your objectives. A detailed process and blueprint with supporting systems is made for you to maximise performance. An interactive blueprint offers great possibilities to adjust yourself in dynamic life and smart system for recommendations will support you in upgrading your journey and squeeze as much as possible from you and our products.

Compatibility between people you know

One of the most important if not the most important thing in our lives are people around us. Only our intuition is what we have to deal with relationships. At ZeeQuest, we developed a system, where you get key insights, recommendations and verified methods to systemize and analyse relationships.

Special reports in three (3) different in-depth analysis have been developed to comply with your level of understanding, interests and planned actions.

Build and manage your dream team

Because the most important thing in our lives are people with whom we interact in certain activities, these relationships determine our potential in life individually or collectively. It's paramount to be able to build and manage relationships properly (in love, business, family…). A complex and extreme sensitive segment of our lives that can open or shut down wide range of opportunities for us.

At ZeeQuest we provide you with methods, strategies, insights, recommendations...using wizards and user interfaces that will lay out this process for you as convenient as possible. Build your team feature serves you to properly select, analyse and position important people for you: relation YOU - OTHERS in specific areas of life.

Manage your Team goes even beyond relationship You - Others and give you and your important people decisive edge in human resources management or critical relationships: relation OTHERS - OTHERS in specific areas of life. Complexity of these interactions is second to none, so this application user interfaces are pre-made blueprints ready to be accustomed and managed by you.

Get beautiful detailed personalized reports

To provide you with complete meaningful information in the most condensed way, we developed a personalized reports in 4 (four) different segments of Navigator experience:

My Personalized Success Profile Report Included in FREE Navigator

My Success Profile report is made to serve you as a starting point for everything - that's YOU.

More about Success Profile Report

My Compatibility Report

Compatibility reports present the ability for you to learn the most critical elements about people you select and striking insights about how they "fit" you.

My Family Report

My Family Report is a unique tool for every family to embrace its quality of relationships and gather additional information for improvements. This is very sensitive area and its was particularly addressed in such way.

My Score Report

To summarize and compare all key parameters of interest, extensive report is available in form of My Score Report, where you can track record your the most important measurements for further analysis.

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32 life activities in 5 main categories

Real Estate

With ZeeQuest Navigator, you can

Start building towards your Dream Goal
and reverse engineer road towards it.
Fully map out your Objectives
and set up fully automatic supporting campaigns.
Boost your results
by using the best-personalised timing for 32 activities in your life.
Know Your Numbers - Boost your ROI
with the clarity of mastering pertinent planning in your own business or join ours.
Measure your Strengths and Results
to always be up to date with your progress.
Profile, Build and Manage your team/s
in different categories of life.
Yield the benefits of deep insights
from your Leadership or/and/ Earning style, Secret traits of your personality and Recommendations for Personal or/and/ Professional growth
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Success can be calculated with 21st century technology

Life-metric experts have always understood that people who win, those who succeed beyond their wildest imaginations, seek two key advantages - they must know themselves very well, and they must optimize their tendency for good luck. Grand masters of life-metric disciplines have always understood that both advantages can be determined with enough data in hand.

We brought together a renowned life-metrics experts with a profound computer scientists to figure out how to make this kind of personal success system accessible and affordable to everyone. Working with a team of programmers, we have set out to create programmable ZQ Personal Success Profiles and a ZQ Navigator to calculate the probabilities of ideal timing for individuals.

5.8 billion trillion data combinations to calculate the ideal timing of 32 specific activities in a person\'s life.

Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovic
ZeeQuest Scientific Board Member, Ambassador, and Philosopher at the Institute of the Science of Time and the Institute for Tesla Cosmological studies
Hypothesis of Time is the basis to time control technology and the key to Tesla oriented research. Mankind will be a slave to unpredictable and irreparable change until the understanding of the most fundamental natural law, and that is time, enables us to build the desired reality for everybody.
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