Set Course for Financial Freedom with ZQ Business Create or enhance your business, plan for success, and enjoy striking revenue streams in our future-proof, regulated business ecosystem.

ZQ Business ecosystem is designed for disruption in the new era of direct selling. It presents a pinnacle in modern business opportunities and includes a state-of-the-art P2P cooperative based on a regulated, SEC-compliant ZeeQuest Security Token (ZQT).

Why start with ZQ Business?

Manage All Aspects of Your Business From One Place

Sales CRM Easily track your sales
Leaderboard Set goals and track sales of your organization
Toolbox Videos, social media posts, email invitations, sales letters, blog posts, banners ... all the content needed to boost your sales
My Income Have total control over all your ZeeQuest earnings in one place
My Wallet Request withdrawals to your personal bank account and credit cards with ease
ZQT Token Statistic Track, buy and sell ZQT Security Token
Stats & Analytics Measure and improve yourself using state-of-the-art tools for direct selling
My Coupons Get loyalty bonuses from your purchases and use discount coupons for your next ZeeQuest purchase
My Vouchers Generate vouchers from your wallet balance and send them to your friends and family

Use Our Hyper-viral Lead Generator Systems in C2H Machine

Focus on Real Art of Selling and Let Our Business Automation Do the Work For you

We offer you battle-tested delivery systems based on strategies that already generated 1.33Bil in sales in over 416 different industries that comes with:


Get All The Support You Need

We put super-complicated things into a foolproof format for you.

Special Programs: 6 Figure OG Program

A 12-month intensive implementation program to scale your business to 6-figures using the leverage of C2H Machine and a team system.


24/7 Support

We have established a support service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes a number of IT services - such as server monitoring, call center support, ticketing system and support email. This support includes assistance for those services that need to run without interruption or downtime.

This simply means that the technical service is available around the clock. Various methods are used to ensure such seamless support:

B2C - Business to Clients

ZQ XPeer

ZQ XPeer platform

Get access to our P2P cooperative community and own a piece of a global business. Take advantage of our profit-sharing platform based on a regulated, SEC-compliant ZeeQuest Security Token (ZQT) and gain two recurrent revenue streams for passive income.

ZQ Referral

ZQ Referral program

Create an income by endorsing and sharing what you love. Meet the most comfortable home business with hyper-viral revenue stream.

B2B - Business to Business

ZQ Affiliate

ZQ Affiliate marketing program

Discover our state-of-the-art and easy-to-use affiliate marketing program for business professionals.

ZQ Trusted Partner

ZQ Trusted Partner Program

Learn about our special program for cross-promotion and cross-selling.