Protect the Foundations of Your Health The ZQ Nutrition product line consists of four synergistic and complementary products that promote a healthy and cleansed body by increasing your cellular energy, boosting your vitamin and mineral supply, and eliminating toxins built-up in your body.

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How do ZQ Nutrition products work?

Nourish the roots of your health
Provide essential ingredients that trigger self-healing mechanisms.
Fill each cell in the body with more energy
Strengthen cellular energy with increased absorption and synergistic effect of nutrients.
Increase your mental clarity and sharpness
Reduce stress levels, improve deep sleep, and restore hormonal balance.
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The synergy of the right nutrients is of utmost importance

The effect of individual nutrients depends on what other nutrients it's taken with. It is difficult to achieve an optimal outcome with only one, which is why we combine ingredients to produce optimal results. Synergy is a phenomenon where two or more components working together create a result that is greater than what would be achieved if the effects of the individual compounds were added together. Imagine two plus two equals six or seven instead of four.

The synergy of food supplements is mainly about providing all the necessary tools for activation, absorption (bioavailability), metabolism, and efficiency of all nutrients in the product.

Nutritional Value Booster - Aloxyl-7.4™

All products from ZQ Nutrition (except THB) contain Aloxyl -7,4TM, which we have called an enhancer of the activation potential, as it significantly improves the absorption and bioavailability of other active ingredients in our formulas.

Phytocomplex Aloxyl -7,4™ is made from Norwegian kelp, a type of brown algae Ascophyllum Nodosum that accumulates bioavailable nutrients and minerals from seawater and as such is a valuable source for cell renewal, hormone balance and pH regulation in the body. Norwegian seaweed is the world's largest iodine treasure, which is essential for more than 600 functions in our body and drives our metabolism.

Why ZQ Nutrition?

The science of herbal medicine is built on the foundation on three pillars of our health:

Regulating the toxins in our body
Cellular energy levels
Supply of vitamins and minerals we are receiving

A build of toxins (toxemia) in the body prevents your body from increasing its cellular energy or receiving the nutrients it needs. Most of the dietary supplement industry ignores this and focuses primarily on supplementation alone. This means that little (if any) of the vitamins and minerals their body needs is actually absorbed. ZQ Nutrition is different. Our products first flush the toxins out of your body and boost your energy at a cellular level so that your body can get the full benefits of supplementation.

How to get the best results and why cycle use?

Achieving these 3 pillars of health requires preparing your body in a step-by-step process. This creates a synergistic effect of nutrients along with our body's self-healing mechanisms. Using ZQ Nutrition in cycles allows us to rest and recover and avoid creating a tolerance that could damage the body or prevent optimal results.

Recommended Supplementation Cycle:

Duration 3 months
Duration 3 months
A 3 months break with zero or at most one product is recommended.
*THB: this product has a particularly strong effect.

Is the ZQ Nutrition line suitable for everyone?

You must be over 18 years of age, but the ZQ nutrition can be used by someone in any level of health, whether they're an elite athlete or elderly.

Achieve Harmonization

Each of us would like to achieve a state of harmonization, but the fact is that only 4.3% of people live without health problems.

Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Study -
Our guide:

We believe in simple solutions and strong foundations

At ZeeQuest we believe in simple solutions based on the complete fundamentals of nutritional science: Cellular osmosis (fluid exchange in the cells), the microbiome (the world of bacteria - up to 70% of our body consists of water, 57% of all human cell weights are bacteria), the pH tissues of the body and the state of our metabolism. Our holistic approach covers two key aspects of human health: mental and physical health. These two sides of our health are interconnected, so we should not neglect both when looking for the right solution.