Reaching Mastery: A Guide To Finding Your Mission

Reaching Mastery: A Guide To Finding Your Mission

There's a long way from being born barefoot into this world to becoming a somebody. From a helpless infant relying on the people around you to becoming a god-like creature for your own kids or millions of people looking at your achievements for inspiration and guidance. Elon Musk, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci, and other titans of human history have all started as mere mortals, which showed in their early years.

The Elon Musk Example

As an introvert, Elon Musk was a quiet boy. So quiet that his mother feared he might be deaf. When he was 10 his parents divorced and he was made to live mostly with his father, who was reportedly tough with his children to the point of abuse.  As a child, his intellect didn't do him much favors and he found it hard to connect with his peers at school which left him marginalized and even bullied. At 17 he moved to Canada and later transferred to the US to pursue majors in Science of Physics and Arts in Economics. At 24 he moved to California to get the Ph.D. from Applied Physics at Stanford. But after 2 years into his studies the growing opportunities of the internet boom mixed with his restless spirit to create lead him to quit and pursue a riskier and yet much more fulfilling career. At this exact moment of time, Elon Musk embraced his true calling and embarked on an amazing journey to deliver us innovation after innovation that we as a humanity are privileged to enjoy.  The rest is history.

An Unfulfilling Path Will Kill Your Spirit

If you are aspiring to reach Musk's levels, you must relate to his need to break free from the conventional career path. Maybe you feel as if your current job is slowly killing your spirit that aspires for something more. Maybe you've done everything as the people around you told you to with their best intentions - get good grades at school, work hard, land a good, high-paying job, but you keep asking yourself if this is all for you to achieve in life. Maybe you feel that you should do something that is your true calling, to find and follow your personal mission.

It Is Your Duty To Make Things Right

Classicist Edith Hall describes in the book "Aristotle's Way" the great philosopher's belief that knowing ourselves, our talents, skills, and aspirations and then using our means to make the most of them is the base of living a good life. Aristotle believed that it's completely normal for people to feel disgruntled if no progress is done towards reaching their true potentials. As Aristotle said, it's your duty to make things right.

Find Your Mission In Life

You should not feel bad if you haven't discovered your true calling yet. The daily routines and chores have probably already started to convince you that it is ok for you to settle. For most people that's perfectly fine. But for the few of you who aim higher, the frustration will only continue to grow. If that's the case for you, you should take time for yourself, explore and listen carefully because the answer to finding your mission in life lies in you. It might take some time. But we have a better suggestion.

A Predictive Analytic Tool You Can Use

There's a tool called ZeeQuest Success Profile you can use FREE of charge to discover your Personal Traits, Talents, Strengths, and get Personalized Recommendations for Personal & Professional Growth in a matter of minutes. We encourage you to use it and join thousands of people around the world who have reported how it helped them to redirect their lives into directions that just feel right. Besides, you've got absolutely nothing to lose - if it does not work for you, you can always go back to the long way.

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