Interview: Miha Munda, PhD

Interview: Miha Munda, PhD

Health and its care are one of the most important values for most of us, and this year, under the sign of covid-19, health has become even more vulnerable, and its care is even more important. At every step we take, we come across information about how best to take care of our health. Which are credible and which are misleading? Do you recognize them? Are you inundated with all this information? Do you know how to choose what is good for you? Is healthcare really that complicated or is there a simple but effective solution?

We spoke about these and similar issues with dr. Miha Munda, Assistant Professor at the Medical Faculty University of Maribor and President of the Alteromnia Association, in which, among other things, great attention is paid to educational workshops in the field of holistic human treatment and the implementation of frequency therapies.

Dr. Munda, you say that your life mission is to make people aware of the importance of a holistic approach to maintaining their health. Every day you meet many people who turn to you for advice and help. Certainly, each of them has a specific problem, but if these problems were to be classified into a broader group of disease problems, which ones would be listed or exposed?

It is certainly a problem caused by the fast and unhealthy lifestyle. We often hear the term modern diseases, and I can say that high blood pressure, problems with overweight, diabetes, insomnia, burnout, depression, indigestion, infertility, joint and spinal pain, etc. are a reflection of the stressful pace at which we go through life.

Some time ago, the World Health Organization announced that diabetes had quadrupled between 1980 and 2014 and global obesity had almost tripled since 1975. Can this be attributed to an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise?

Certainly, diet, exercise and sleep play an important role in maintaining good health, but there are a number of other factors that we may not be aware of but which have a negative influence on our body: electromagnetic radiation, toxic relationships, strenuous and unsatisfactory work, extremely fast pace of life, high expectations of society... Our organism is therefore constantly exposed to various stressors, and when it is no longer able to maintain homeostasis (inner balance) due to overwork, problems arise.

That does not happen suddenly, does it?

No. The body is a very sophisticated system that reports errors step by step. It gradually reacts to the discomfort it feels - from soft pleas to loud cries for help. It begins with exhaustion when it does not produce enough energy to perform all necessary tasks, because it uses more energy in its activities than it produces. When we notice persistent fatigue and lack of energy, we should stop and change our lifestyle, but we know how it is in most cases. We all exceed our limits and think that the body is a machine that we will replace when a part stops working properly or fails. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I read somewhere that toxemia (the saturation of the body with toxins) is said to be the main cause of many diseases.

You need to know that in addition to the toxins from the environment, the body constantly produces toxins in the body and that the body is designed to eliminate them under normal circumstances. The problem occurs when the body is overloaded by all these factors and is unable to eliminate them quickly enough. Then these toxins begin to accumulate, and we call this phenomenon toxemia. Fatigue, headaches, irritability, unpleasant body odors... In this way, the body begins to warn us of the altered state of the organism.

Cells, tissues and organs become saturated with toxins, their concentration reaches a critical level and a crisis occurs. Such a state is usually understood as a disease, but in reality, the body tries to eliminate this state, purify itself and restore the state of homeostasis. We say that there is an attempt of self-healing of the organism.

And we "overcome" tiredness with caffeine, headaches with painkillers …

... Yes. We simply cannot hear our own body, and we try to silence its cries for help or cleansing by ingesting more toxins.

If I understand you correctly, in this case we should let the body do its job...

Yes. And we need to help him to start a process of self-healing. We have to make it easier for him to excrete toxins and eliminate the root causes of toxemia - in order to eliminate or at least attenuate the stressors already mentioned.

Are we tackling this at all, or are we doing it the right way? What is your practical experience?

Most people do not handle this in the right way. It happens that they want to eliminate the consequences of something that has accumulated in the body over a decade or more in a week or a month. Such an invasive approach is an additional burden on the body, if not a shock, and as such it does not bring the results a person wants, and often the condition unfortunately worsens.

Another mistake that many people make in health care is that they take a variety of supplements into their bodies, with the best of intentions, of course - to make them feel better. When the body is loaded with toxins and blocked, any supplement is useless because the cells are not able to absorb new substances. It is like leaving spoiled food in the refrigerator and trying to add something new to it every day. The space for fresh food is quickly running out, isn’t it? First, we have to get rid of all the old stuff ... It is necessary to start with the foundations.

When you talk about the basics of health, could you agree that these are the foundations on which we at ZeeQuest have developed our nutritional supplements?

Absolutely. Your team of experts has built their work on three essential principles derived from the science of herbal medicine: the control of toxins in the body, cellular energy and vitamin-mineral care.

It is said that you are a fairly critical researcher - both in the sense of a life researcher and in this narrower, scientific view. You always check and test each thing thoroughly on yourself first. Is this true? What convinced you that our products are really an effective and high-quality means of strengthening the foundations of each of us' health?

(Laughter) I always trust myself and I always check things experientially. By a coincidence - now we all know that there is no such thing as coincidence (laughs) - your basic product THA came to me. It contains 100% Norwegian seaweed in the form of a phytocomplex. After initially believing that this is just one of many algae products, I quickly realized that it is a significantly different product, and then I delved deeper into this product and the manufacturing process. Unlike comparable products, it contains up to three times more organic iodine, two to four times more alginates and three times more fucoidans. This makes the results incomparably better.

You have made all four products so wonderfully synergistic that they actually cover the entire basic health care. The synergy of food supplements is about providing all the necessary tools for activation, absorption (bioavailability), metabolism and efficiency of all nutrients in the product. You have done a great job, and that convinced me (laughs).


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Health and its care are one of the most important values for most of us, and this year, under the sign of covid-19, health has become even more vulnerable, and its care is even more important. At every step we take, we come across information about how best to take care of our health. Which are credible and which are misleading? Do you recognize them? Are you inundated with all this information? Do you know how to choose what is good for you? Is healthcare really that complicated or is there a simple but effective solution?
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