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Hidden Secrets of Rich and Famous Revealed through Modern Technologies

Hidden Secrets of Rich and Famous Revealed through Modern Technologies

It’s already here… and it’s only going to get more alarming. Ignoring this could potentially harm your well-being fundamentals… (that’s not an exaggeration)

And 7 Ways You Can Catch the Train for Extraordinary Life

That's why as a person who values himself enough to constantly look for improvements, you’ll want to pay close attention and read EVERY word of this article (even read it twice) ...

Here’s the situation…

We all have been involved in situations where only a small action was needed to get to the next level, but we missed our chance. We knew it was there to get it, capture it…and we also knew when it was gone forever. And what was the most disturbing, there was always someone who was capable enough to get it and prove us it was possible! Each time technologies & techniques ‘evolve’ you either keep up, or you lower your chances for a successful life. And only knowing this makes us feel depressed. How many times have we learned about something, but it was already too late? The world, the society, our beloved ones have almost no ability to cope with today's changes in every aspect of our lives and definitely no time to verify truly beneficial practices out there, but unfortunately, we all need to. This article will give you an astonishing insight into technologies which could potentially impact your life for the better and change your life forever ...

Hidden Secrets of Rich and Famous Revealed through Modern Technologies

So let’s say something twinkles in you when you hear the vast fortune of some people living on the same planet as you. The famous 1% of people who have their own islands, yachts, jets, personal helicopters, ... How did the super-rich become just that? What is their secret and what determines such outcomes in our lives? World leaders, great inventors, captains of the industries, ... used to have big secrets, their own "rituals for success" ... and these ‘secrets’ have impacted their lives enormously. An average person is not really aware of this and even if he/she was, he/she would not have the necessary resources to access the secret and act upon it.

Today, modern technologies have decoded those secrets, modeled those rituals and made them available for masses.

According to Forbes and CNBC, there are 2,208 billionaires in the world. Vast fortunes amassed by the people who do what you don’t do. People who know something you don't have access to ... they have known the secrets to unlock their gates to success ... We all know that wealthy people are very well organized in some sort of fashion that works for them. They do absolutely nothing just like that. Everything is planned in their life, even the time to fall in love ...

Does this sound completely redundant to you? It might be, but your success in life can completely change, so better pay attention!

Mathematics confirms rich people aren't that smart at all — they're lucky. This means that they are “born under a lucky star”, they are born “with something extra”, they have these supernatural talents that somehow they find themselves in “the right time, on the right place with the right people”.

So how does this happen?

Let's check some “weird” facts supposedly known to the public ... Did you know that Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, BMW, HSBC, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Hewlett-Packard, Nike…use services of Academies in order to master the Chinese Metaphysic which helps them to build their buildings (Feng Shui), find perfect timing for launching new products (ZeRi), profile new potential employees (BaZi) and build high-performing teams? They even master the science of war to implement corporate strategies (Qi Men Dun Jia)... Evidence is out there… Silicon Valley is the biggest Feng Shui object on the planet…and HSBC headquarters positioned two metal rods on top of the building as a classic Feng Shui technique to protect the building from negative energy...

...that Apple headquarters is just “One ring to rule them all”... the perfect round structure - a circle, that has a great meaning in Feng Shui and symbolizes the element of Metal, which is associated with GOLD and MONEY. All the walls facing the inner courtyard and exterior of the building are made entirely from glass. This allows maximum sunlight and thus, excellent yang chi, the element of EARTH - such energy created is productive, so it will endure and this means continuous good FORTUNE ... Even Donald Trump as one of the most hardcore capitalists stated: “I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui. I do it because it makes money.”

Are you lost? Continue reading…

Let's use some more familiar names…did you know that Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sir Isaac Newton...who have all studied the principles of Nature have described the same phenomenon in their works? Sir Isaac Newton, the father of modern science, started his explorations in an age where it was understood that everything in the universe could be scientifically explained. During his private research, Newton went back to as many classical sources (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chaldean, etc.) as he could possibly find. He found out that these ancient people already knew a lot of what we consider to be relatively new discoveries today. Finally…how come that only a few people find themselves at the right time in the right place with the right people? The answer is simple: Nobody knows exactly, but we can calculate certain parameters in their lives that can outline their path. This is the science of Predictive analytics.

…so what is this and how does it work?

We all believe in a meritocracy, were talented, well-educated and smart people bring out the best solutions at the right time, no matter what obstacles lie in their way. We all know that computers - trading robots are more successful in trading stocks than humans…so we all have learned to observe certain “thing”, learn lessons from it and improve it over the years. This is a simple principle of Predictive analytics that basically saves us decades or centuries of learning experience so we can all benefit tremendously. In the era of computers, machine learning technology and AI (artificial intelligence), this process has been accelerated to unprecedented dimensions.

So, what does this mean for you?

All this is going to affect everyday lives in a much more colossal way than we can imagine. In a mad and stressful life of today, information overload, outrageous competition…such condensed treasury of knowledge is a game changer!

Life as we know today is changing fast and every major change the world has faced, resulted in a gigantic redistribution of wealth. You need to know that nowadays, people don't like to hear success explained as luck – especially successful people. They simply don’t want to acknowledge the role played by certain circumstances in their lives.

Here's what scary...

You cannot understand almost any of that but yet it is real and it's happening. Also, nothing can be influenced but the ones who will adapt will gain a remarkable advantage over others. Just ask yourself how big have been earnings for some people in the early computer and early internet era? For example, let’s take a look at Google… we all use it, we all like the service, no one really knows how it works, but nevertheless, it gave numerous people an unprecedented earning potential and only a few managed to transform it into huge earnings for themselves. If wealthy people would earn their place only through the sweat of their brow, the cut of their jib, the brains in their head, and their unwavering determination then we would definitely have a completely different distribution of wealth on this planet.

Are you asking yourself already...Where is the trick and what is here for me?

Thanks to scientists, life-metric experts, and new technologies, we are able to perform highly complicated calculations and simulations for the most essential life metrics parameters. We can calculate personalized traits, timings for the execution of the 32 most imperative categories in our lives and model the most important processes for planning... exactly the same methods that rich and famous use ... ...and what is the biggest game changer in comparison to historical precedents; we can finally rewire our lives towards our personal talents and strengths and boost executions in directions that will grow short and long-term results like nothing experienced before ...

...please pay attention now...

There are only FIVE WAYS to adjust to situations NOW and catch the train for an extraordinary life

  1. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION to gain as much knowledge and insights into new predictive analytics technologies and start using them.
  2. ALLOW YOURSELF TO ENTER THE UNKNOWN and start exploring just like little kids. Open your mind and don't let others influence your personal journey.
  3. ONLY USE CREDIBLE PLATFORMS/ SOLUTIONS as the market is saturated with “fake” and inferior solutions.
  4. Always CALCULATE DIRECT & INDIRECT BENEFITS due to a holistic approach in this arena. For example, a great relationship could potentially grow your income way more than better time-management.
  5. Keep in mind that everything in our lives is related/connected, so the old saying “MORE YOU GIVE, MORE YOU GET” is as valuable as ever in the recent turning point of global wealth redistribution.

Here’s the good news ...

There’s some brand new Predictive Analytics Software that was created to handle all of your Life planning, Team-building, and Boost execution for You! This software took over a decade to develop and is about to become your new “Secret Weapon” when it comes to planning and executing in your Life ...

It’s the world’s FIRST Personalized Digital Success System software.

Here’s why you should start using it right away ...

  • SAVE TIME: Quickly & easily access all Tools for 4 fundamentals of your life, no matter how simple or complex it is.
  • SAVE MONEY: Have the ability to completely eliminate the most time-consuming things from your life, find the perfect timing for the most important things and boost its execution
  • GROW FASTER: By being able to improve your self-awareness, build teams and even manage them for the most important aspects of your life, you will accomplish personal and professional growth faster and more effective than ever.
  • EARN MONEY: Besides the obvious impact of the system on your earning potential, you have the ability to use our Referral system or join an Affiliate program. This way you can create a new, hyper-viral revenue stream with global reach and an unprecedented perspective.

So…what's the idea behind the whole thing?

Because everything in our lives is connected - related, nothing can be addressed as a separate issue and improved that way. Relationship influences Business, Health, Time...influence other personal relationships and vice versa. So, therefore, we must follow the holistic approach and take care of all these categories all at once. ZeeQuest idea is to provide a digital platform with the most effective tools to address all those categories at once, we call it a Success System. It's a simple formula for building personal success ...


We provide all fundamental tools needed for a person to adjust to the current situation in today's world (stress, lack of time, planning, teambuilding, dating, networking, etc.).

So...what does our product named NAVIGATOR do?

It brings you your ultimate set of tools to help you plan and efficiently execute on your quest for success. NAVIGATOR helps you to create beautiful Roadmaps guiding you towards your objectives, gives you profiling capabilities to build your high-performance team and even support you to manage it. Wizards make sure you're properly guided and create blueprints for automated supporting activities. And what is most exciting, it gives you the perfect timing for the most important tasks in your life so you can boost your outcome the way the world leaders and Fortune 500 companies do. But, that’s just the beginning ...

With NAVIGATOR, you can:

  • Start building towards your Dream Goal and create a roadmap towards it, including the necessary steps;
  • Fully map out your Objectives and set up fully automatic supporting campaigns;
  • Boost your results by using the best-personalized timing for 32 activities in your life;
  • Know Your Numbers - Boost your ROI with the clarity of mastering pertinent planning in your own business or join ours;
  • Measure your Strengths and Results;
  • Profile, Build and Manage your team/s in different categories of life;
  • Yield the benefits of deep insights from your Leadership or Earning style, Secret traits of your personality and Recommendations for Personal or Professional growth.

In a nutshell… use NAVIGATOR to:

Start Navigating your life towards success using personal predictive analytics. We provide you with staggering tools, techniques, and methods that took others centuries to master. Navigator makes it easier than ever to plan for success and, constantly improve, iterate and future-pace your personal and professional growth. Your next big idea, project, product, relationship, diet, campaign or profit stream all start first with the NAVIGATOR.

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