The Future of Self-improvement Industry is Here

The Future of Self-improvement Industry is Here

We know that success is 80% psychology and 20% skill set. In 1  year of practicing something we are 90% likely to misjudge what we will achieve, and in 10 years we are only 10% likely (so 90% right).


We are meant to be unique

But somehow the market overwhelmingly offers programs as investments in our skills and keeps pushing us into new things where our success rate is extremely low. Even worse than that. It seems like we should all achieve the same results with some hidden formula for success, like we don't have our own fundamentals - we are meant to be unique, and therefore we should all aim for completely different results because our results will be different anyway.


"In other words, using analogies, turtles will never run fast and should have very different life expectancies than lions. But we humans have created super special education programs and perceptions where turtles should somehow run fast and lions should live on yachts."


Own your own way to success

The point here is that we must first know our own fundamentals, understand ourselves and those around us, build our own lives based on things and events that would lead us to success in our own way.

The power of investment in ourselves if we are doing it wrong or right way:

                          20 x 10 = 200     vs.      80 x 90 = 7200 

       (20% skill set x 10% success ratio)             (80% skill set x 90% success ratio)

With this knowledge, there would be thousands of books, lessons, seminars, coaches... that we would need to accomplish this, right? We believe this is completely false and none of this is needed when using the methods and techniques we have developed for you. 


Let's secure our foundations first

Sure we need to be constantly learning and improving, but let's secure our foundations first so we have something to build on. Let's first have the right mindset, the right wavelength, the right health, the right path, with the right people...

The scientists like Carl Gustav Jung, Nikola Tesla, masters of ancient Chinese philosophy, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and the Anomaly Research Laboratory at Princeton University (PEAR) and many more have invested their time and effort and proved their brilliant minds so that we can easily use the fruits of their work in systematized form as a turnkey solution.

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The Future of Self-improvement Industry is Here
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We know that success is 80% psychology and 20% skill set. In 1 year of practicing something we are 90% likely to misjudge what we will achieve, and in 10 years we are only 10% likely (so 90% right).
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