To Do Great Work You Need A Compass, Not A Map

To Do Great Work You Need A Compass, Not A Map

Maps are safe, but...they don't lead to something new

When using these predefined maps for too long we tend to forget that they were made for us by someone else. It’s easy to not realize that and live our lives on auto-pilot. It's safe. It's secure. They supposed to work and should lead us to our final destination. However, these maps can only lead to places that have already been seen. It's perfectly fine if you have settled and want to play it safe, but for those who want to leave a true legacy behind, maps are just not the way to go as they don't lead you to the discovery of any kind.

Think about it...Christopher Columbus didn't have a map and yet he discovered America...Ferdinand Magellan didn't have a map and yet he sailed around the world... they both were great adventurers and discovered something new because they decided not to follow the map made by seasoned sailors before them. It would only lead them to discover what many they have discovered before. In the worst case, they would have only become an imitation of the sailors who had sailed the journey before.

A compass can help us set sail towards new adventures

We all have it. We just don't allow ourselves to follow it because we're either too busy with our daily chores and duties or we like to play it safe by using the maps. Each one of us has a specific calling in our lives, but very few of us follow it. This is the reason why we feel lost, without energy and without incentive to jump out of bed like we're about to conquer the world.

You owe it to ourselves...and to people around you

The first step towards knowing what our mission in life knowing ourselves. Our wants, our needs, our ambitions, and aspirations. We need to look closely to the compass inside us. By following it and putting ourselves first will allow us to feel energized yet calmer, determined yet kinder, and hungry yet pleased. Some people mistakenly think that putting ourselves first in order to progress in life would be a selfish thing to do. But it is not. It enables us to become better and feel better and this actually adds value to our real relationships...not to mention the fruits and possibilities that our success brings to the people around us.

Ever wondered why some people succeed easily and do all the right things at the right time and often find the perfect match in their love life as they were using a compass to guide them? Because they are. They are in harmony with themselves and aligned in the right direction.

Technology can help

It's all about predictive analytics. The most successful companies in the world use it to reach their goals faster and easier. Amazon uses such this technology to suggest the products you might like to buy (with great success!). Facebook uses it to predict the evolution and demise of romantic relationships and suggests you new potential love mates and romantic activities (for you to connect the dots subconsciously). Netflix uses it to suggest a selection of new tv series to binge watch. It's a bit scary and also hard to believe that technology knows us better than we do, but there must be a way to use it to our own advantage, right? There is!

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