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Start Navigating Your Life Towards Success Predictive analytics software for Life planning, Team Building & Boosting execution.

Your new "Absolute Weapon" that gives you the power to:

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By being able to improve your self-awareness, build teams and even manage them for the most important aspects of your life, you will accomplish personal and professional growth faster and more effective than ever.
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Quickly & easily access all Tools and plan for 4 fundamentals of your life. Build your own blueprint to Success, substantiated with state of the art wizards to squeeze max performance out of you.
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Have the ability to completely eliminate the most time-consuming things from your life, find perfect timing for 32 categories and boost your execution.
Besides obvious impact of the system on your earning potential, you can benefit from our business opportunity and harvest the value of generating hot leads by simply using certain features in the system.
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In summary, ZeeQuest Navigator provide you with your ultimate set of tools to help you plan and efficiently execute on your quest for success. It creates beautiful maps of your planning, gives you profiling capabilities to build your team and even support you to manage it.

Wizards make sure you're properly guided and create blueprints for automated supporting activities. And what is the most exciting, it gives you the perfect timing for the most important tasks in your life so you can boost your outcome the way the world leaders and Fortune 500 companies do.

Funkcije Navigatora

39/5000 32 životne aktivnosti u 4 glavne kategorije


Sa ZeeQuest Navigatorom mogu

Start building towards your Dream Goal
and reverse engineer road towards it.
Fully map out your Objectives
and set up fully automatic supporting campaigns.
Boost your results
by using the best-personalised timing for 32 activities in your life.
Know Your Numbers - Boost your ROI
with the clarity of mastering pertinent planning in your own business or join ours.
Measure your Strengths and Results
to always be up to date with your progress.
Profile, Build and Manage your team/s
in different categories of life.
Yield the benefits of deep insights
from your Leadership or/and/ Earning style, Secret traits of your personality and Recommendations for Personal or/and/ Professional growth
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Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovic
ZeeQuest Scientific Board Member, Ambassador, and Philosopher at the Institute of the Science of Time and the Institute for Tesla Cosmological studies
Hypothesis of Time is the basis to time control technology and the key to Tesla oriented research. Mankind will be a slave to unpredictable and irreparable change until the understanding of the most fundamental natural law, and that is time, enables us to build the desired reality for everybody.

How does it work?

We all learnt about results of a meritocracy, were talented, well educated and smart people bring out the best solutions at the right time, no matter what obstacles lie in their way. It is well known that computers - trading robots are more successful in trading stocks than human being…so we all have learned to observe certain “thing”, learn lessons from it and improve it over the years.

This is a simple principle of Predictive analytics that basically saves us decades or centuries of learning experience so we can all benefit tremendously. In the era of computers, machine learning technology and AI (artificial intelligence), this process has been accelerated to unprecedented dimensions.

Just like a Smart watch, except its Smart Life Navigation which can calculate 5.8 billion trillion data combinations to pinpoint the ideal timing of 32 specific activities in a person's life.

Be at the Right Time on Right Place with Right People
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