ZeeQuests 6 Figure OG ProgramHow To Scale Your Business To 6-Figures Using The Leverage Of C2H Machine And A Team System

6 Figure OG Program

The goal
6 figure income
Course length
12 months
Course format
wie auf

What is it?

A 12-month intensive implementation program that includes content, mentoring, workshops and accountability. By using ZQ's proprietary technologies, you will be able to implement systems for you and your team and scale your income without limitations.

Who is it for?

Ambitious business builders and leaders who want to build a long-term, sustainable and scalable business while having more time, freedom and 6-digit annual revenues. This can be you; you are just starting out as an entrepreneur and want to move forward as quickly as possible, or perhaps you have already assembled a small team of people and have been building your business for a few years.

Where does it happen?

The online course takes you through 3 Levels and 12 Phases. This high-level content, strategies and methods are not passed on anywhere else. All this is accompanied by your scheduled online leadership calls and ongoing conversations on Whatsapp, Messenger and Workplace.

Wie funktioniert es?

In the 6 Figure OG program, we use our own proprietary technologies, systems and strategies, combined with world-class marketing IT systems and content to help you build and then scale and leverage your 6-figure business for more revenue, time and freedom.

When does it start?

It can start as soon as you want. Most people start immediately and use the momentum as much as possible.

Why this program?

We felt that something was missing when proven delivery systems were used by business builders and their teams. You could have the best product, the best team, the best intentions... but without proven delivery systems and proven methods and strategies of teamwork, you cannot scale your business and replicate it with others. We wanted to build an easy to use, foolproof system that would help not only you, but your team as well, to bring you up to a 6 digit income level.

ZeeQuest 6 Figure OG Program Quick Overview

To scale your business to 6-digit numbers, you need the right ingredients, the right environment and relentless action.

Proven way to 6 figures
We have put super-complicated things into a foolproof format for you. Our Success System was built around the idea of a turnkey solution for all key aspects of a person's life. Starting with the products, the battle-tested IT systems and the supporting environment. Full automation, smart machine, new economy powerhouse are key words to describe it. All this is divided into a specific step-by-step process where you will work strategically to learn the skills and implement the systems as quickly as possible.
Support from experts
Most of the time, it's not about what product or service you have, what you need to learn next, what software solutions work best - it's about who you can ask for advice, who already has the results you are looking for. You will have access to the company's key resources with guided processes, so you will always have clarity about what is next in your business.
Protective Community
Entrepreneurship and leadership can be a very lonely place. We have a network of entrepreneurs, leaders and industry captains from many different industries, countries, continents and partner companies who join this special group. At its core it is a very protective and supportive environment where you can scale your business without feeling alone again!
Paradigm Shift Through Systems
We have developed several software platforms that will help you to improve yourself first, to organise your work in a Swiss watch, to generate leads, to manage sales and team, and to create duplication and leverage in your business.

Program timeline

Level 1 Systems Duration: 4 months
Phase 1 Intro
Phase 2 Product Portfolio: Personal Strategy
Phase 3 C2H Machine: Mastering Performance & Custom Plan
Phase 4 Live Results Breakdown
Level 2 Events and Workshops Duration: 4 months
Phase 1 Sales Workshop
Phase 2 Online Selling
Phase 3 Persuasion Mastery
Phase 4 Live Results Breakdown & Personal Business Plan Update
Level 3 Leaders Duration: 4 months
Phase 1 Teamwork: systems, strategies and methods
Phase 2 Automation & Productivity
Phase 3 Team Duplication System
Phase 4 Reality Check