ZeeQuest XPeer A Leading-Edge Profit Sharing Cooperative (P2P)

Introducing a business environment where all deficiencies of single level, multi-level, referral and affiliate direct sales models are eliminated.

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XPeer - a Unique Business Ecosystem and a Global Success Story

ZQT Security Token
Get access to an unprecedented value generator - the ZeeQuest Security Token (ZQT).
Passive income
Secure a passive income with two recurrent revenue streams.
Business Community
Use our state-of-the-art support systems to build your business community.
Compensation plan
Be in charge of your future with compensation plans for modern entrepreneurs, influencers, and social media sales experts.

Join XPeer & Start Harvesting ZQT

How do I get ZQT?

ZeeQuest offers three ways for XPeer users to acquire ZQT:

  • through your referrals that get you 8% of your total commissions in ZQT
  • through exclusive gate positioning sales
  • by buying it on our internal exchange
Why gate positioning?

With gate positioning, ZeeQuest is making a clear statement that it stands behind its members and will pay them back for their contribution in the early stages of the company. Fixed price of ZQT being 1 USD no matter the price of ZQT in later time. The amount of ZQT offered to our members will always be limited and will correspond with the performance of the company.

Why does ZeeQuest grant/sell ZQT only to its users?
  • ZeeQuest has issued private security tokens, fully compliant with SEC that have a sole purpose of bringing huge benefits to the users of the ZQ Business Ecosystem.
  • The principles and mechanics of every business that generate a sustainable value consist of simple basics where revenue and margin is driving value for the business. We firmly believe that every time a sale (revenue or margin) happens, ZQT can be securely issued to our members without the risk of being deflated in value.
  • Every business must have a convincing and credible product, which is generating revenue and pushing the value of the business (tokens in our case).

XPeer is a powerhouse of unprecedented potential for business reach and growth. We provide you with all the business tools you need to build your own online business empire, including creative content, a prime, social media-friendly digital product (ZQ Navigator), hyper-viral lead generator systems and much more.

Our core product, named ZQ Navigator will help you boost your overall success and add some exceptional features for an extra added value to your business.

Choose Your XPeer Package

per month
Billed 300€ every year.
21-day money-back guarantee.

XPeer BASIC includes:

  • XPeer/Referral Sales CRM
  • Basic Leaderboard
  • Basic Toolbox
  • Basic Navigator
  • 1x ZQT Gate positioning (value of your pack)
  • Workshops
  • Trusted Partner bonus Program
per month
Billed 600€ every year.
21-day money-back guarantee.

XPeer STANDARD includes:

  • XPeer/Referral Sales CRM
  • Business Leaderboard
  • Pro Toolbox
  • Standard Navigator
  • 3x ZQT Gate positioning (value of your pack)
  • 10Xme program
  • 25% Discount/2x XPoints on Life event bonus packs
  • Workshops
  • Trusted Partner bonus Program
per month
Billed 1200€ every year.
21-day money-back guarantee.

XPeer PRO includes:

  • XPeer/Referral/Affiliate Sales CRM
  • Enterprise Leaderboard
  • Pro Toolbox
  • Premium Navigator
  • Replicated website (extra cost)
  • 5x ZQT Gate positioning (value of your pack)
  • 10Xme program
  • 50% Discount/4x XPoints on Life event bonus packs
  • Workshops
  • Trusted Partner bonus Program
* This feature is planned in 2020 after official launch of XPeer program.

See how XPeer packages compare

Sales CRM XPeer/Referral XPeer/Referral XPeer/Referral/Affiliate
Leaderboard Basic Business Enterprise
Toolbox Basic Pro Pro
Replicated website (extra cost)
Navigator Basic Standard Premium
ZQT Gate positioning 1x (value of your pack) 3x 5x
10Xme program *
Life event bonus packs 25% Discount / 2x XPoints 50% Discount / 4x XPoints
Trusted Partner Bonus Program
* This feature is planned in 2020 after official launch of XPeer program.

ZQT Gate Position Offerings

Every once in a while, when our revenue justify a gate offering, the company releases a pre-planned amount of ZQT to be bought by the XPeer members. Because we reward loyalty and appreciate help in the early stages of the company, our offerings have special terms in regards to the starting time of your relationship with the company and a maximum possible amount to buy.

10xMe program

A specific program designed to boost your sales 10-fold. We combine analysis and analytics from ZQ Navigator with your “Biz powerhouse” to serve you the best possible advice.

Live Events Bonus Packs

A special incentive for our Live events where you can earn multiplication of XPoints reward for your attendance and enjoy a discounted price for events.


Because we need constant improvements, ZeeQuest often prepares targeted workshops to address the most indicative demands of our members. Participation in such online or offline workshops will be rewarded with XPoints.

Trusted Partner Bonus Program

Tap into our trusted partner network programs with special benefits for our members (discounted prices, club memberships, special status, etc.).

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XPeer Commission and Positioning System

XPeer Commission
Referral (2 Tiers)
P2P Perf. Bonus (XPeer Pool)
ZQT (Value & Yields)

8% of Referral and P2P Performance bonus commission is paid in ZQT. It is possible to switch off ZQT commissions at anytime.

Referral commission A Two-Tier Referral Program

1st Tier
20% commissions
on all 1st tier (direct) sales generated from your referrals
2nd Tier
5% commissions
on your 2nd tier purchases (indirect sales)

A two-tier referral program is a referral model that allows you to make commissions not only on your own sales but the sales from others (your sub-referrals) that you refer to the program.


P2P Performance Bonus XPeer Compensation Program for Passive income

ZeeQuest dedicates 8% of Total Net Revenue of XPeer sales to create a high-income opportunity of Passive income for XPeer members. Positions are acquired with a certain amount of XPoints. The higher the amount of XPoints, the higher is position. Commission multiplicator serves as a regulator to distribute monthly available funds from “Passive commission pool” to XPeer members. As an example, a member in Position 6 earns 30 times more than members in position 1.

XPoint is the derivate used by ZeeQuest with a single purpose to position members in commission structure according to their accomplishments in business. It is a company's branded point system where acquired position have 6 months grace period (this means that once you acquire position, you cannot lose it for the next 6 months). XPoints are accumulative for 12 months and earned with sales, live events, workshops etc.

XUnit is a derivate used by ZeeQuest for purpose of calculating monthly P2P Performance Bonus. 8% of total net revenue in XPeer community is reserved by company for recurring performance bonuses. Value of each XUnit is calculated last day of each month at 11.59pm CET. Comission is calculated with multiplication of XUnit. Formula: commission multiplicator x XUnit = P2P Performance bonus.

ZQ XPoint system

  • Member is anyone who joins ZeeQuest as FREE or paid user.
  • Referral is anyone who is using BBO as referral system and refers ZeeQuest products to other users.
  • XPeer Referral is anyone who buys pack and starts using XPeer BBO.
Item XPoints
XPeer, Navigator, Nutrition

Each time you or your 1st/2nd Tier member conduct a sale of ZeeQuest product, you receive XPoints.

1 EUR/USD = 1 XPoint
Each member who registers for FREE Navigator

For each 1st or 2nd tier members who register for Free Navigator

For every order of member (in your total organisation)

For every member who buys a ZeeQuest product (Navigator, XPeer, …) we reward you with 10 XPoints.

Your total organisation consists of everyone who joined ZeeQuest through your referral organisation (including 3rd, 4th, 5th, … unlimited tiers).

For every 100 members (in your total organisation)

For every 100 members we reward you with 1000 XPoints. Note that each member is accounted for XPoints only once.

Your total organisation consists of everyone who joined ZeeQuest through your referral organisation (including 3rd, 4th, 5th, … unlimited tiers).

10 Referrals

For every 10 1st or 2nd tier referrals that invite at least one member who buys ZQ product, you receive XPoints. Note that each referral is accounted for XPoints only once.

Example: You invite 10 friends. After they all invite at least one member who buys ZQ product you receive 200 XPoints. After the first sale happens your friend is not accounted for XPoints anymore.

5 Affiliates*

For every 5 1st or 2nd tier Affiliates that invite at least one member who buys ZQ product. Note that each affiliate is accounted for XPoints only once.

10X Me program*

For applying and finishing the program.

Live Event

Each time you attend live ZeeQuest event you receive XPoints.


Each time you attend a workshop you receive XPoints.


Each time you attend a webinar you receive XPoints.

App instalment* 40
Social Media Following

For following our social media channels. Each channel brings you XPoints.

* This feature is planned in 2020 after official launch of XPeer program.

In two-tier referral sales, XPoints are distributed fully at the time of sale, even though the sale is made using subscription model (example: XPeer Basic pack is bought for 300USD and subscription of only 25USD is paid, but full 300 XPoints are distributed).

ZQ Positioning and P2P Performance Bonus Multiplicator system

Position Commission multiplicator XPoints
1 1x automatically after selling three (3) subscription packs
2 2x 4.500
3 5x 15.000
4 10x 45.000
5 20x 120.000
6 30x 300.000
7 50x 450.000
8 70x 750.000
9 100x 1.500.000
* Commission multiplicator multiplies earnings per position.
Life-Time Position Commission XPoints
10 0.5% of XPeer Total Net Revenue (Pool) 3.000.000
11 0.5% of ZQ Total Net Revenue (Pool) 6.000.000

Lifetime Position is a distinctive position earned for special accomplishments in business. ZeeQuest created two remarkable rewarding “pools” for such purpose. The first one represents 0.5% of XPeer Total Net Revenue, second represents 0.5% of Zeequest global Total Net Revenue.


ZQT - ZeeQuest Security Token

In XPeer program, you collect 8% of your earned commissions in ZQT (ZeeQuest Tokens).

These are Security tokens, fully compliant with SEC (Security Exchange Comission) regulations.

The company dedicates 3.5% of Total Gross Revenue from global sales to ZQ token holders.

ZQT can be exchanged for ZeeQuest product (without discount) at the rate of 1 ZQT for 1 USD at any time.

World Wide Gross Sale Revenue will be distributed every 6 months. We call this 6 months a “Yield period”. Yield is paid out in fiat currency USD/EUR.

ZQT has its internal market value, for which it can be sold on the internal market. It is also possible to switch off collecting ZQT at any time.

ZQT Gate positioning and buy-in: companies will offer a certain amount of ZQT for sale through Gate offerings. These offerings will have special terms in regards to the time of started relationship with ZeeQuest and maximum possible amount to buy (see product description).

Read more about ZQT Token

Commission Payout System

ZQ12 Recurring Commission Model is a a constant and consistent stream of revenue is a precondition of every healthy business. That's why XPeer program uses subscription model and auto-renewing subscriptions. Even though we accept one-time payments, commission for such sale can be paid out at regular intervals in 12 months.

Unlike one-off sales commissions, we want to create revenues that are predictable, stable and can be counted on to occur at regular intervals going forward with a relatively high degree of certainty.

Automated, real-time commission software will make sure you are in control of your finances 24/7. Guided experience allows easy management, including analyzing the past and predicting the future with advanced analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I boost my earnings?

Active: thru sales in Referral, Affiliate, XPeer

Passive: Position 1-9 and 10-11 (more acquired XPoints results in a higher position)

Community Yields: 3.5% from your ZQT every 6 months (higher the total revenue of the company and more ZQT you have, more yields you gain)

Financial Freedom Wallet: 8% of Referral commission is Paid in ZQT (ZQT Commissions are paid in 1USD / 1 ZQT ratio; example: ZQT value 18 USD, Commissions are 100USD, so you get 8 ZQT, worth 8 x 18 = 144 USD / Your Total commission is 96 USD + 144 USD = 240 USD / this 240% HIGHER commission)

Gate Buy ins: the company will offer a certain amount of ZQT for sale through Gate offerings.

ZQT Security Token commission earning example

You earned: 100USD Commission

You get: 92USD in Cash + 8USD in 8 ZQT

1 ZQT value is 1USD: 92USD + 8USD = 100 USD (In this case commission stays 20%)

1 ZQT value is 5USD: 92USD + 40USD = 132USD (Because of higher token value your commission gets from 20% to amazing 26.4%)

1 ZQT value is 18USD: 92USD + 144USD = 236USD (Because of even higher token value your commission gets from 20% to 47.2%)

Your Active and Passive commissions use the same principle (you receive 8% of your earnings in ZQT)

All XPeer business professionals earn ZQT only with work. Rewarded ZQT for the work has a fixed price of 1USD (until ZQTs are available from reserves).

What is referral marketing?

It is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies.

What if I've never promoted as an referral?

It's impossible as we all have shared great things with our closest friends or family. The most important thing is that you truly, deeply believe that Navigator is something you need in your life for great benefits. If so, it's in our nature that we share great things with someone. In our case, we automatically reward everyone for such gesture.

Do I need to have a large list or tons of followers?

No. Something we have seen over and over is people with small lists completely outperforming and doing remarkable things. It's more about your connection with the idea about Navigator, your vision about whole “thing” and your ability to tell a strong story about your connection to Navigator and Zeequest.

And with average commissions coming in right around $900, the earnings can add up pretty quickly.

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Risk Disclaimer and Terms

The information set forth is being provided to you solely for informative purposes and contains information that can be changed or amended or is subject to company's general Terms and Conditions. This information does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Any offer will only be made pursuant to the relevant information within a private placement memorandum, or similar document prepared by the ZeeQuest, Inc., and subscription documents, all of which must be read in their entirety. No information contained about XPeer, or any oral or written communication with an interested party should be relied upon as a representation or warranty as to any matter from any person, and no liability shall attach to any person or entity as a result of such information. This information is indicative only and is subject to updating, amendment and more complete disclosures. Nothing in this information constitutes advice relating to legal, taxation or investment matters and interested parties are advised to consult their own professional advisors in connection with making a business decision. The information contained on this landing page was obtained from the ZeeQuest, Inc. and other sources, but no assurance can be given as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. Any forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, financial projections or expectations, contained in this document should not be regarded as a representation by any person that the estimates, projections or expectations will be achieved. Such forward looking statements are subject to substantial risks and uncertainties. Actual results will differ and could be materially different from those discussed or implied herein as a result of various factors, including future economic, competitive, and regulatory or market conditions or future business decisions. Before doing business with the ZeeQuest, Inc. security token ZQT, you must be aware that the occurrence of the risks, uncertainties and events described in the “Risk Factors” section of the private placement memorandum, to which members will receive access subsequent to the execution by each such member of a confidentiality agreement, could have a material adverse effect on the business, results of operations and financial conditions of the ZeeQuest, Inc. Business associates should realize that past performance is no indication of future performance and that business associates cannot rely on such past performance in making their business decision.

In order to facilitate wider adoption of ZQ products, ZQ is planning to launch a cryptographic token (“ZQT”). ZQT have not been launched yet and (from the financial perspective) will be in any case speculative and will involve risk. ZQ wishes to issue up to around 17 million ZQT, all under the terms and conditions as determined by the ZQ in its sole discretion, whereby ZQT may be issued in one or several tranches and shall be in each case subject to restrictions and provisions as stipulated by the relevant law and documentation prepared by the ZQ. ZQ is currently not using and relying on any form of general solicitation or general advertising in connection with its cryptographic tokens. The information set forth on this website is being provided solely for general information purposes (and not as funding initiative). For the avoidance of any doubt, the information set forth on this website does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any ZQT or any securities. Any potential offering (if any) will be made pursuant to the applicable law (e.g. SEC compliant) and to the relevant information within a private placement memorandum or similar document prepared by the ZQ and subscription documents. In addition, the ZQ reserves the right to reject delivery of the ZQT in whole or part if, in its sole discretion, if the ZQ deems such action to be necessary to comply with the provisions of the law or to be in the best interest of the ZQ or the conditions to deliver the ZQT are not achieved.