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We're happy to reward those who promote our products and we made it super-easy to start promoting with premade promo banners and text links.

The ZQ Business Affiliate system is available to all members with a credible social media publicity and an existing corporate entity. Prior approval from the company is needed.

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Earn Big Money
Earn up to $264 per sale. We offer a 30% commission for each customer you send our way.
Build an Empire
Have your referrals work for you. Earn a 5% commission for any second-tier customer purchases.
Manage it with ZQ Business
Monitor your click-thru stats and overall earnings from your own account dashboard. See which campaigns work the best and optimize based on results.

Harvest the Value of Generating Hot Leads

Generation of hot leads is the key to success in direct selling. In a world where millennials are changing so many habits in communication and behaviour, a new approach is needed to effectively grow your reach and market products and services to someone you don’t know. At ZeeQuest we took the lead in this paradigm shift and created a platform that enables you to do just that.

Everytime someone uses the system, our product lead generator creates hot leads and a premade campaign is set-up, so that the audience gets enough information to make a decision for a potential buy. While others are stressed and paying tons of funds for marketing, which is becoming insanely inefficient and more expensive every month, we give you hyper-viral creation of hot leads for free.

Receive Cash Commissions

For every sale you make with ZQ Affiliate Program, you receive a 30% commission from your referral's purchases. On top of this, you also get a 5% commission on their member's (referral) purchases.

Earn Extra Prizes

In addition, we're organizing recurring Referral and Affiliate Contests - for the partners that drive the most opt-ins, for the ones who share the most and for the ones who drive the most sales. And from time to time we prepare a few surprise contests as well where literally anyone can win.

We have levelled the playing field for you so you won't compete against “big names” from the industry and we manage the “leaderboard” with special care and transparency.

Recognition and Connections

We manage special communication channels for Product and Alumni launch where we post the daily “leaderboard” in our contests. This is your chance to see your name on the top of the “leaderboard” and get all the positioning and recognition that goes with it.

By partnering with us, you'll get to see how we manage our launch behind the scenes. Key lessons and learnings can be taken away in this venture. The value of this insider education will almost surely surpass your commissions.

We give you all the tools and support you need

Email Swipe Copy
If you find yourself dealing with a "blank page syndrome" we got you covered. You can use our swipe copy or if you prefer to write to yourself, you can use it as a starting point.
Easy Access to Referral Links
Links are located in your dashboard or toolbox, ready to be copy-pasted or already integrated into marketing material such as pictures, banners, sales letters, videos ...
Track Your Stats
You have immediate and live access to all your crucial stats from anywhere in the world.
Leaderboard and Prizes
We sent out near-daily updates to our leaderboard, so keep an eye on the keep an eye on your ZQ Business App if you're a competitive type. It’s where you’ll see the daily changes in the leaderboard standings, and possibly see your name in the spotlight.
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